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The clean energy revolution is here, and it's changing lives around the world - even in the Philippines.

It's your turn. Are you ready to switch on the sun?

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Gone are the days when solar energy is described as uneconomic and impractical. Testimonials of individuals, business owners, and community leaders prove that solar energy is not only reliable and accessible, but can also lower monthly utility bills. And just like them, YOU too can start benefiting from energy harnessed from the sun's rays.

Below are five ways you can be part of the clean energy revolution.

Take the Solar Rooftop Challenge now!

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Solarize my home

Been wanting to install solar panels on your home, but don't know where to start? It's easy!

Here's everything you need to know >>

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Challenge President Duterte

Tell the new President that the change you want includes fast-tracking the country's transition to renewable energy!

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Challenge your local government

Ask a local official to solarize a community or government building - it's an indicator of good governance!

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Challenge a company

Tell the CEO of a company or corporation to invest in clean energy!

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Challenge friends and family

Know someone who might be up for the Solar Rooftop Challenge? Pass it on!

What's the bigger picture?

Demonstrating the benefits of solar energy will call attention to the slow progress of renewable energy uptake in the country's energy mix. This will increase the pressure on newly elected officials to do their part in speeding up the shift to clean, renewable energy, which is also the key to the Philippines' energy independence.


Best of all, you get to play an active role in the imminent transition to a 100% clean energy future.